History Shapes may not be your thing.

This cartoon processes our bizarre, often uncomfortable past with industrial grade silliness.

Strange or upsetting things make me laugh. I don't know if that's the healthiest way to operate, but I want to invite you along for the ride if you're cut from the same cloth. Even if you're not I'll save you a seat.

*Everyone* is welcome with the History Shapes.

*Unless you're a jerk. Just don't be a jerk and you're invited. Cool?

History Shapes is imperfect.

This whole outfit is run by one white dude from a rural Midwestern area rocking a high school diploma.

I have no help and even less credentials. And let's face it: historical records are written by the victors, inherently biased, and affect people or groups I could never fully understand. I'm also limited by my faulty walnut.

That's table stakes for a shape-based historical cartoonist who's learning on the job. Still, I try really hard because I want as many people giggling as possible.

But there is a zero percent chance that I nail everything, all the time.

Except for the jokes about how Nazis suck.

I nail those.

Because it's weirdly still important to dunk on Nazis. And the Confederacy. Bigots, misogynists. Most capitalists. All billionaires. And whoever invented black licorice. You know, people with zero redeeming value.

If you notice information I've missed or a blind spot in my work I'd owe you huge if you clued me in. I can't possibly read everything on a topic or person, so flip me books, articles, documentaries, academic papers, whatever you've got. Point me in the right direction.

If you've got something drop a line to JustTheFacts [at] HistoryShapes.com.

Thanks for hanging out.

- mert.