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The Fruit of All Evil 🍍

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Dole out your wealth.

The Fruit of All Evil 🍍
Pineapple Rag, Scott Joplin, 1908
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For a little extra glide in your stride, listen to the music above while reading this comic. I mean, you'd have to be crazy to not read along while spinning the 1908 smash-hit Pineapple Rag from the "King of Ragtime" Scott Joplin.

Panel one: A silent film style title card that reads "When last we saw The History Shapes, Dom and Terry were in 18th century Europe where pineapples were carried around by the mega-rich to flaunt their wealth at social events."
Panel two: Dom wears a tuxedo and screams, about to jump off a bridge. Terry, holding a pineapple, reaches out to him. Dom: "I'm worthless, I'll never own a pineapple." Terry: "Dom don't jump!"
Panel three: Terry holds the pineapple towards Dom. Terry: "Here, you take the pineapple back to the wedding." Dom: "Really?! You'd let me carry it around?!" Terry: "Sure!"
Panel four: Terry laughs hysterically to herself, Dom grows more depressed. Terry: "Weddings are more of a CANTALOUPE affair. Ha ha! Get it!? CAN'T ELOPE?! Ha ha, woo boy!"
Panel five: Dom is gone from the panel, plunged to his death. Terry's eyes go wide in horror.
Panel six: Terry gets emotional and tears up. Terry: "I will always CHERRIES our time together."
Panel six: A silent film title card that reads "Make sure to join The History Shapes next time for the THRILLING CONCLUSION: Pineapple Upside Down Wake."

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